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My Fair Warrior: BWWM Scifi Fantasy Romance by T.B. Bond

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Passion versus duty...
When a dangerous political uprising threatens to unravel the fragile peace between Venetian and its neighboring planets, the newly promoted Vice Admiral, Victoria Strong, finds herself in a precarious situation. Her mission is to stop the rebellion and protect the charismatic, handsome, single King, but as she delves deeper into the plot, she realizes that her loyalty to her commander and her desires for the King are at odds.

She discovers that the rebellion is not what it seems. With the help of the King and a motley crew of alien allies, she must uncover the truth before it's too late. Victoria realizes that her feelings for the king are not just a crush and that losing him would be devastating. Can she save the King and the planet she's sworn to protect, or will her politically charged romance destroy the kingdom?

Set in a distant future where the ties to Earth are forgotten, "My Fair Warrior" is a thrilling science fiction novel that explores love, loyalty, and the lengths we'll go to protect what we hold dear.

Previously published as episodes 1-40 of My Fair Warrior on Kindle Vella.

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