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My Favorite Kidnapper: A forced proximity, grumpy sunshine romance by Melanie Moreland

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A laugh out loud, unconventional opposites attract love story from New York Times bestselling author Melanie Moreland - I touched her confectionary creation, and she told me off.Slapping my hands and cursing in her own unique fashion.No one talked to me that way.I liked it.I liked her cake even more. So, I took her to Italy to bake for me.I should have asked her first, but I had a feeling she’d say no.I brought her cat, though—that should count for something.Now, I just need to convince her to stay.And forget that little word.Kidnapper.I’d prefer lover.But we’ll wait until she doesn’t want to kill me in my sleep.. Author's note: If you are looking for a wealthy hero swooping in to fix all your problems to a gorgeous setting with lush descriptions to transport you away to an ornate villa in the sun, look no further for nonstop sexy banter with a lot of will-they won’t-they tension.

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