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Pandora's Kiss: An AMBW Time Travel Fantasy Romance (A Timeless Love) by T.B. Bond

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Backstabbed by his friend and abandoned by kin, trust is a tough sell. So when a hot time-traveling stranger shows up with doomsday news and needs his help, it should be a hard pass.

Quyen Duong: Witches are people like everybody else. My best friend disagreed and turned the coven we built against me. Then everything goes sideways when a naked woman drops in on me from the future with bad news. Now I have to stop Matt before he destroys the world while constantly adjusting my pants.

Pandora Spellman: I almost married a monster. Matt used me under the guise of creating a better place for witches. After a year on the run, I learned about his past and fell for the perfect man, a powerful witch who died in the past--someone I had no chance of meeting. Of course, my luck, I fall through time and have the most embarrassing meet-cute possible during do or die stakes. Fate, kill me now.

Matt Wesley: Certain sacrifices must be made to ensure the safety of Witchkind. Domination is the only path. No one will stop me or my dynasty, not with Pandora by my side. Through our children, I'll seize the opportunity and mold a destiny that bows to my will. Her defiance is just a temporary obstacle in the grand design, one that I will overcome.

Love, betrayal, and power collide in this sensual tale, where the line between savior and villain blurs, and the fate of all hangs in the balance.

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