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Restoration by Tate James

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It's always been about the chase. The prize. The puzzle. The Game. I became the best of the best, Hermes, because no one could catch me. No one could touch me.No one had.Until her.She's everything I never knew I wanted.She is my life.It's been one bad call after another in this Game. It's cost the woman I love more than I ever wanted her to have to pay. I would give it all up for her, but the Game must be played.I started this game for my grandfather.I fought to win to claim the Valenshek Legacy.Win, lose, or draw, I'm not leaving this town without Tristian Ives.◆◆◆Restoration is book THREE of THREE in The Valenshek Legacy series. This MF story is set within the Shadow Grove world and some charater cameos appear within.

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