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Skeletons of Society by Marie Maravilla

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So the streets taint another soul...Ryan

To survive in the Los Muertos Cartel, you have to stay useful, especially when you're a woman. So I made sure I couldn't be replaced. Now my name is whispered about in the shadows- La Brujita de Los Muertos. Too bad I forgot that lies and deceit are the lifeblood of this toxic paradise.

I should have seen the betrayal coming.

My hands were always destined to be drenched in the blood of guilty men.


Sometimes it takes someone willing to walk in the dark to allow others to live in the light. She is a beautiful savage. All the things I am not supposed to have and maybe never will.

Meeting her changed all of my plans, altered the very fabric of my future.




Skeletons of Society is a full-length standalone in the Toxic Paradise Series. It's a contemporary crime romance (think mafia romance) featuring a strong female lead whose an arms dealer for the cartel and a male lead who is the Seargent at Arms of the motorcycle club she's forced to work with. You will love this book if you like your characters to be morally grey, lots of action, and a woman with an attitude.

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