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Taming Seraphine by Gigi Styx

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They captured me, broke me. Molded me into their perfect weapon.

They made me murder and seduce strangers.

Until a hitman killed my captors and set me free.


I rescued a girl from a basement thinking she was innocent, but I brought home a serial killer whose darkness borders on insanity.

Now, I need to tame her murderous instincts before I become her next victim.

Seraphine is reckless, unstable, and likely to get us both destroyed. Every instinct says I should end her, but she's too captivating to resist.

Each day, she draws me deeper into her web, her allure stripping my self-control. But I'm harboring secrets treacherous enough to add me to her list of men to slaughter.


Leroi is dark, deadly, and dangerously attractive.

I don't know what he wants, but resisting him is impossible and I'm ready to slay him at the first sign of betrayal.

When a dark figure from the past rises from the shadows, wanting to reclaim me, I'm forced to trust a man who might stab me in the back.

Taming Seraphine is a dark romance containing themes that may be disturbing to some. Please check the warnings inside the book.

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