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The Dawn of the Cursed Queen (Gods & Monsters) paperback by Amber V. Nicole

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Ask her, boy. Ask her what she begged the stars for and what lives now. Ask her what she ripped from the very heavens. And then ask her if she cares. The old blood runs through her veins.
Nismera and her legions rule the realms as Samkiel's power fills the sky. With him gone, she strives to solidify her spot on the throne, no matter the cost.
Dianna struggles beneath the weight of half-truths, lies, and deceptions. After overcoming what she thought was her hardest battle, she soon learns she is at risk of losing everything.
Samkiel strives to heal, but he has more on his plate than ever before. The Hand is dismantled, the realms are in turmoil, and the one person he can trust keeps him at arm's length. Can the two work out their differences, or will they both fall to the blade of the Goddess of War?
The one true king returns, but is it the king or queen who shall rule them all?

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