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The Last Dragon King (The Kings of Avalier, 1) by Leia Stone

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USA Today bestselling author Leia Stone weaves a captivating tale of undeniable love and heartbreaking battles in this start to the Kings of Avalier series, an epic fantasy romance perfect for fans of Fourth Wing.Eighteen-year-old Arwen Novakson has magic, but just barely. So, when the Dragon King announces his search for a wife, Arwen knows she won't be in the running, as the king needs someone who has enough dragon magic to produce a strong heir. But, much to her shock, when the magic sniffers visit her small village, they command her to present herself at the king's castle as a possible wife.This should be a dream-come-true opportunity for Arwen, but before going, she learns a terrifying secret about the strength of her magic, and if the king ever discovered the truth, he would have every reason to kill Arwen himself. Protecting herself becomes more and more challenging as her magic and her feelings for the king grow. Especially as she must watch him court other women.Arwen can't help but fall for the charming, empathetic Dragon King, but she knows being together would put everyone in danger―herself, the king, anyone with dragon magic. With a magical war brewing, Arwen must decide how much she is willing to risk and how much she is willing to sacrifice for love.Perfect for readers who love:Romantic fantasy books for teensUnputdownable & bingeworthy novelsMarriage of convenienceDragons and shiftersHolly Black, Sarah J. Maas, and Rebecca Yarros

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