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The Late Hit by Alexis Buxton

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Self-destruction is her middle name, hiding her traumatic past is her game. Brynn Wilder is a carefree junior at Central Texas University where she's living a life without consequences - partying and promiscuity. She returns to her hometown, after months away, while there her past trauma is exposed after years of keeping it buried. Her best friend, Quinton Boyd, is there to comfort her. But when he says yes to a crazy dare, their relationship is forced to change. Quinton Boyd is an easy-going, focused, top-athlete on campus where his entire world revolves around his only love - football. He's forced to constantly weigh his options on entering the NFL Draft early, which has always been his dream. But like with all dreams, they can easily change. One night. One dare. One moment and life as they knew it changed. But are emotions too damaged for them to move forward? The Late Hit is a dual POV emotional college football romance. This friends-to-lovers romance has steam, tension, and adult content.

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