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The Oracle's Journey by M.M. Rees

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Ozanna’s job was going to get her killed. What was meant to be simple bodyguard duty on a cushy, boring bridal journey becomes an increasingly bizarre series of events. Her charge, Emmelina, is a princess with many talents and little sense of self preservation. She leads Ozanna into danger at nearly every turn. When they’re captured by elven highwaymen, Emmelina has the nerve to try and play matchmaker with Ozanna and a wicked dark elf. In the wake of the princess’ chaos, Ozanna is left questioning not just her career choices, but her sanity as well.

Lhoris’ control over his crew of robbers is tenuous at best. Always one bad job away from mutiny, he and his brother are troubled by how easily their plans to steal the princess’s dowry fall apart. To make matters worse, he can’t help but be drawn to the furious bodyguard that further threatens his ability to maintain order within the crew.

If only he hadn’t made a deal with that damned warlord.

Mix a little bit of magic with chaos, questionable divine intervention, and spice and you have The Oracle’s Journey. Expect a little of the unexpected in this enemies to lovers romance.

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