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The Unwanted Marriage: Dion and Faye's Story (The Windsors) by Catharina Maura

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From the author of The Wrong Bride and The Temporary Wife comes an angsty and steamy billionaire arranged marriage romance. Faye is the last woman Dion Windsor wants to be near, let alone marry… yet there’s no escaping the alluring pianist he’s been engaged to since they were children. For years, he made his unwillingness known, but his attempts to keep Faye at a distance fade to dust at the sight of her with another man — mere months before their wedding. One look at her, and he realises he’s done running. Time is up, and whether she likes it or not, she’s his. Or she could be, if the secrets he keeps didn’t hold the power to destroy her. Publisher’s this book does not contain cheating, and there’s a guaranteed happily ever after.

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