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Thorn: A Dark Age Gap Mafia Romance (Mafia Rose) by Brooke Harper

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They expected me to bend. To wilt.
But this rose has thorns too.

I have no family. No life. No dreams.

I have nothing left.

My father and Nikolai made sure of that when they made me a pawn in their mafia games.

A broken woman. A tainted bride. A bargaining chip. That’s all I am to them.

But things are changing.

I am changing.

Learning. Growing. Rising from the ashes anew.

At first, I didn’t understand what Nikolai woke in me when he used my body for his revenge plot. But now? Now, I have plans of my own.

He may think I’m his Rose to claim, to dominate, control, but I am a rose steeped in war and born from bloodshed.

It’s about time I live up to my name.

This series is a dark age gap mafia romance. It contains situations and themes that some readers might find offensive and/or triggering.

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