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Visions of Snapdragon by Jana Sun

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Jack has always known she was a gifted psychic, her magic guiding her through life's mysteries enough to own a shop specializing in psychic readings. But when she discovers her magic stems from one of the ancient goddesses known as the Seer, her visions start to include her own life-possibly ending. Diego's punishment for shattering the links between Earth and the magical realm of Obius finally catches up to him, making his fractured heart run out of the magic to keep him alive even faster. Drawn to Jack's magnetic aura, Diego believes that only she can help him recover the fragments of his shattered heart and-maybe-restore the severed connection between the realms. As Jack and Diego join forces, a forbidden love ignites, but it's a tale Diego knows the ending to. Her visions are getting stronger though, and Jack can't shake the feeling that's a greater threat that comes along with Diego's desire to heal his heart. As the stakes rise, Jack's learning what it means to be a Priestess as her growing feelings for Diego intensify, testing the very bounds of her magic. In this enthralling urban fantasy, Jack and Diego's quest intertwines fate, love, and destiny. Can they mend the broken pieces of Diego's heart before it's too late? Or will Jack's dark visions come to fruition? Prepare to be enchanted by an unforgettable tale of magic, sacrifice, and romance as Jack and Diego's destinies collide, forever altering the fate of both realms.

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