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When Blood Meets Earth by E.A. Noble

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"I am a daughter of Reaper and Earth, born from the soil and raised in the shadow of death. I do not fear you."

With the kingdoms embroiled in a political war that threatens to exile all ungifted, twenty-year-old Bellamy must manifest, or everything she loves will be stripped away. Fueled by fierce determination, Bellamy will stop at nothing to prove she deserves to be amongst the ranks of the greatest elemental elites.

Until one night, she confronts a mysterious hooded thief. As the fight unfolds, the key to unlocking her powers might have been triggered.

Their fated encounter sends Bellamy spiraling down a web of secrets, lies, and betrayals. Once a weak princess, Bellamy uncovers the truth behind enemy lines. But will it be too late to unite the Kingdoms and usher peace between the gifted and the ungifted, or will her legacy be built upon war and treachery?

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