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Where Waves Break Special Edition by Julia Wolf

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***This is the special edition of Where Waves Break*** My new boss is:-A former rock star, turned grumpy mechanic-A single dad-My teenage crushIt was supposed to be a one week job. Nannying Diego Garza’s adorable, four-year-old son should’ve been easy.But things get complicated when Diego catches me doing something I shouldn’t. When he confronts me, I do the only thing I can think of: get down on my knees.To my surprise, he doesn’t get angry.Instead, Diego Garza calls me a good girl.Then my one week job turns into all summer. I’m living with Diego and his son, desperately trying to forget how right it felt to be on my knees for him and how badly I crave to hear more of his praise.Except Diego doesn’t forget. All day I take care of his son, and every hot summer night, he takes care of me. He tells me I’m perfect. Beautiful. Sexy.I want to belong to Diego Garza in every way. But he hasn’t asked me to stay when this job is over at the end of summer.The question is…when I’m not his nanny anymore, will I still be his?

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