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Wicked Little Lies: A Dark Mafia Romance (Thieves' Honor) by Brooke Harper

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I was ready to leave for good, but there’s nowhere to run in a game of tug-of-war…

I had everything I needed: the necklace, the money, and a one-way ticket to freedom. I was ready to live out my dreams under a new alias, away from the dangers that come with the working with the Quinate, but Hendrick Agnossio and Jac Miller have other plans.

They’re two sides of the same coin—deadly and powerful, yet different in almost every way.

And neither of them wants to let me go.

I can’t deny it. They light a fire inside me. They know how to tap into my darkest desires, but their age-old hatred is blooming into a full out war.

Because of me.

When an enemy from my past threatens the Quinate, the other crime lords are forced to step into the fray. Keeping me safe is the only thing Hendrick and Jac can agree on, but I have to make a choice: which of them will own my heart forever?

They want me to choose, but the cost of my love may be too steep for any of us to bear.

Wicked Little Lies is book two in the Thieves’ Honor series and is a full length dark contemporary romance. This story contains darker themes, lots of heat, and will end with the heroine having two love interests.

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