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Wolf Gone Wild: Stay A Spell Book 1 (Volume 1) by Juliette Cross

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What’s the worst thing that can happen to a werewolf? 


Unable to shift into his wolf form for three months, Mateo Cruz knows all too well. His wolf alter ego has taken up residence in his head, taunting him night and day with vividly violent and carnal thoughts. Convinced he’s been cursed, he seeks the help of a powerful witch to undo it . . . before he literally goes insane. 


Evie Savoie has always obeyed the house rules of her coven—no werewolves. They’re known for being moody and volatile. So, when a quick-tempered werewolf strolls into the bar and almost strangles one of her late-night customers, she’s ready to bounce him. But her heart softens when she sees the desperation in his eyes as he begs for her help. Maybe she can bend the rules, just this once. 


What Evie doesn’t know is that Mateo’s wolf  has a mind of his own. And now that she’s in his sights, he wants only one thing. Her. 

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