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Yours To Hold by Emily Silver

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He's my best friend's older brother. I have no business having these feelings for him. But I do. I've had a crush on Mason Winchester for as long as I can remember. To him, I've never been anything more than a family friend. His little sister's annoying friend. But what happens when he needs a nanny for his daughter for the summer? He calls me. That's when things change. Suddenly there are feelings. Real feelings I shouldn't be having. I'm only staying in this small town a few more months, so what could a little fling hurt? Work this out of our system. Easy. No one has to know. Except when those feelings start to grow. Am I willing to lose my best friend over a summer fling? This is bad. Very bad. But...something this wrong shouldn't be this good, right? Summer isn't the only thing heating up in Dixon

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