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Yours To Take by Emily Silver

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He's a city boy. I'm a country girl. He's experienced, and I'm well, not. Some days it feels like I'm the last virgin left in the world. We shouldn't mix. So why do I feel like I've found the one person to finally give it up to? Finding the right guy isn't easy. Especially when you know everyone and their history in your small town. I've all but given up on the one when I crash-in the worst possible way-into the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on. He's a writer without a story, looking for inspiration. And might just be what I'm looking for. All the attraction in the world means nothing. Our lives don't fit. I want nothing more than to give him all of me, but what if I'm only his temporary muse, only to be burned again? Can I give this man everything, or will he take it and run?

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